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What is the most important component to buying an antique carpet?

For me, it is how it makes you feel. Your carpet is a vital and lasting part of your home. Unlike an accessory, your carpet is an ever-present focal point of the room. Imagine… how many family celebrations, memories; life itself takes place on the carpet. So it is important that the carpet makes you feel how you want to feel in that environment. Is it soothing? Inspiring? Does it convey the message you intend to about your room, your life and lifestyle? That is why it is important to speak openly with your carpet professional. An experienced professional will work to hear the nuances of your preferences and better guide you to a perfect choice.

I have a young family, pets and sometimes dinner parties with spilled red wine… is an antique carpet a wise purchase for me?

It is always wise to buy something you love. As far as durability goes – your antique carpet was likely woven long before you were born and will be around for generations to come… just getting more beautiful with age. These treasures are useable art - intended to be lived with. If there are spills, blot as soon as possible. Seltzer water or club soda is a good first line of defense. Try not to saturate the area.

I have always read that you should start decorating a room with the carpet. Is this necessary?

Though certainly not necessary, this is generally considered a good idea because of the relative rarity of antique carpets. Indeed, for every hundred beautiful fabrics available and virtually infinite shades of paint possible there may be only one antique carpet that fits your needs, your room's parameters and appeals to your own aesthetic sensibilities. Practically speaking not all projects can start with the carpet and existing elements often must be considered. In those cases bring us as much information possible. Existing fabric samples, relevant color swatches and photographs all are invaluable aids.

Why buy an antique versus a contemporary carpet?

Building upon four generations of experience in the fine antique rug trade, I am admittedly biased in favor of antiques. To me it is precisely the history, story, and unexpected nuances of a one of a kind, antique treasure that make it special. However, the landscape of contemporary carpets has changed greatly, narrowing the aesthetic gap between them and their historical counterparts. One wonderful thing we are involved with at Stark Carpet is recreating some of our exclusive antique designs in custom sizes and colorations. For some clients this offers the best of both worlds. Designs with true historical integrity customized for individual projects.